There’s something in the marsh. It can smell your fear.

Annie grew up a crabber’s daughter, in tune with the peaceful rhythms of her island home. When a mysterious company from the mainland buys the factory across the marsh, the renovations disturb the hungry creatures lurking there. Annie’s world is turned upside down. Her community is thrown into turmoil as it comes to grips with secrets thought long buried.

But this is only the beginning. Something far worse lies dormant in the mists. It threatens not only Annie’s way of life, but the very existence of everyone she’s known. Can the crabbers face the ghosts of their past and repel the monsters crawling from the marsh? Does Annie have the strength to stop an ancient evil that endangers humanity?

Wedgewood is a dark fantasy novel set on the Texas coast in the early 1990s. Interlacing Texas culture with Native American folklore, this novel creates an exotic world both familiar and terrifying.

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