King of The Who?

The Accidental Adventures of Mr Rail (Book 1): Blub by Larry Appleseed "You expect Blubs and Clackers to be dangerous, but you never expect a broom handle to hurt you, reasoned Master Galbage. The broom handle takes you by surprise." Kenneth, head of HR for a top secret observation post on the moon, responds to a … Continue reading King of The Who?


All You Squeed Is Love

Asper by Rhonda Smiley "Their needs were simple. Find flesh, eat flesh. Dead or alive, fresh or rancid." If you're looking for a book on mycology, you're in the wrong place. This fast-paced YA fantasy novel takes some standard fairy tale tropes and reworks them in a unique new world. Milla is terrible at magic. It's all … Continue reading All You Squeed Is Love