Where Midges Fear to Tread

scotland-1249255__340Sea Call

by JD Adamsson

“A few people come out here, seeking the good life. But the Winter’s harsh, the storms are rough, and if those don’t test you, the midges will.”

Conrad, ex-cop and worried father, travels to the island of Lewis to find his missing son. The kid took a trip to the Hebrides after graduation. Maybe he’s toking it up with some Scottish hippies or maybe he’s been the victim of a grisly ritual murder. Conrad aims to find out. This is a novella and it’s a quick read, so I can’t say a whole lot without spoiling the plot. A tense, personal story, it has a smattering of red herrings and a supernatural undercurrent.

Why I Chose This One

Honestly, I was curious about a Hebrides mystery. My wife’s currently binge-ing Shetland and she won’t shut up about it. Cold, Scottish islands seemed like a good place for some spooky murders. And they were. Are. Whatever.

What I Liked

  • Stornoway. I liked the feel of the little seaside village. The pub scene and, strangely, the post office scene gave Stornoway this quirky, lived-in feel.
  • The Hebrides. I wanted to visit these mysterious islands with their standing stones and brutal history.
  • Conrad. Honestly, I pictured Martin Crane from Frasier. The whole time. I thought this would be a police procedural at first, but Conrad made this a personal tale.
  • The boat ride. This short scene was tense.

What I Didn’t

  • The length. I think JD could have fleshed this out into a full length novel. I found myself thoroughly engrossed in Conrad and the Hebrides. When the climactic shit hit the fan, I wasn’t ready. I wanted more. I had a vague suspicion JD wrote this to gin up interest in her upcoming novel. If so, well played. I’m hooked. Scumbag.
  • All the Gaelic. It reminded me of my inlaws.

Read This If You Like

  • Shetland (TV show, book series, or islands, take your pick)
  • Broadchurch
  • Scotland (the place)
  • Supernatural murder mysteries

Buy Sea Call

Read Indie, ye scumbag sassenachs!


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