Blood and BJs

2216_movie_cabin-in-the-woods_t5881Grandma’s House

by Mark Ayre

This is a spunky little tale. Again, I didn’t read the blurb so this work provided a revolving door of surprises. My first surprise: another British writer. Why does this always happen to me? My second surprise: it’s a comedy horror which made me a little skeptical at first. My third surprise: there’s a glut of fricative intimacy. Since this is short, I can’t say much without spoiling. It has a Cabin in the Woods mouth feel with strong hints of Dead Snow. I detected a soupçon of Oculus in the aftertaste. A group of college kids heads to a remote cabin so they can touch each other a lot. Then bad things happen. I liked this. Give me more, Mark Ayre.

Why I Chose This One

Remember my Customers Who Viewed list? This was number two on the list. From left to right, obviously. Also, it was short, which allowed me to get one more quick blog post under my belt.

What I Liked

  • I actually lolled in multiple places. Most comedy stories and books don’t get me over the threshold. This one did.
  • It’s not named Sexy Reflecty. Mark. You know what I’m talking about.
  • Throw marks. I found a couple typos. This is why I read indie books. They’re raw. I feel like there’s a real human on the other end. A real human who doesn’t have the copy editing resources of a publishing house. It’s grass roots. Democratic. I like it.
  • The creepy parts were creepy, the sexy parts were sexy, and the ending fit.

What I Didn’t

  • Sex. Seriously, I was raised Southern Baptist. Inside my skull, there’s an old church lady creaking back and forth in a cane rocker. When I read sex scenes, she vigorously jabs my amygdala with a crochet hook.
  • There were a couple scenes that made me uncomfortable, but nothing you wouldn’t find in one of GRRM’s books. And at least Mark can finish a book. Zing!

Read This If You Like

  • Comedy horror movies like Cabin in the Woods or Dead Snow
  • Horror with identify confusion and/or possession
  • Money shots

Buy Grandma’s House

Read indie, scumbags!



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